A Purple Heart Request for Memorial Day

Please read this important appeal from Sonny Sardo, a combat veteran who served in Vietnam . Sonny earned the Bronze Star and was awarded the Purple Heart.  He is a lifelong Republicans and a dedicated patriot who cares deeply about our country.

Dear Fellow Patriot:


Too many Americans forget that Memorial Day isn’t about barbecues – though we all enjoy them! The holiday honors the millions of Americans who gave their lives to protect our Nation – from the Revolutionary War up to this very day.  They fought against foreign enemies whose aim was to erase our freedoms.

Sadly there are those who would erase our basic freedoms right here at home. Many of our adversaries pose as “moderates” but they aren’t.  They are dedicated, far-left advocates seeking to take over our local government. The battle continues with local elections just a week away.

Your support of fellow Republicans for city council, city clerk and school board members is urgent TODAY to ensure their success in the primary on Tuesday, June 7th.  PLEASE see our list of recommended candidates HERE and vote for them all.

Please pause for few moments on Memorial Day to remember and honor those who have made our freedoms possible. Then honor them by voting on June 7.

If you would like to help us get the word out to all voters in our communities, you can do so here

My sincere thanks, and God Bless America

Sonny Sardo

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